Skilled Cataract Surgery in New York, NY

Losing the ability to see clearly is a frightening thing. One common cause of vision loss over time is a cataract, which causes clouding of the eye lens. Light that would ordinarily shine through clear lenses into the retina is obscured by the cloudiness. Those who suffer from cataracts have varying degrees of blurry vision as their retina isn’t given the proper image quality. Additional problems caused by cataracts include unnatural tinting, which may cause you to lose color recognition, poor night vision, and a general lack of image sharpness.

As one grows older, proteins in the eye can begin to clump together and cause this cloudiness and cataracts tend to affect older generations more. Other factors can also cause cataracts, including a history of smoking, exposure to radiation, prior eye surgeries, and diabetes. Cataracts can be treated by Dr. Mark Hornfeld, a professional ophthalmologist in New York, NY. Allow his incredible team of medical experts diagnose your specific type of cataracts and work to find the cataract surgery solution that will clear your vision and bring back color into your life.

How Much Does Cataract Surgery Cost?

In general, cataract surgeries can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $4500. Private insurance or Medicare often cover a majority, if not all, of the costs of a basic cataract surgery procedure. The exact total depends on an individual’s particular case and how much pre- and post-operative care is required. Ask your doctor for specific details on the cost of any scans, medications, or procedures needed beforehand.

What Are The Types Of Cataract Surgery?

There are numerous factors involved in finding the correct type of cataract surgery for your particular condition. However, one of the most common types used is known as phacoemulsification, also called “phaco,” surgery utilizing an intraocular lens. During this procedure, small incisions are cut into the eye lens to gain access to the cataract, then ultrasonic waves are used to break up any of the protein clumps causing blurred vision. An intraocular lens is inserted where the natural eye lens used to be, performing an identical function to the natural one after surgery is complete.

Dr. Mark Hornfeld’s office also provides laser-assisted cataract surgery. It uses advanced femtosecond laser technology. A high-speed precision laser is utilized to perform the delicate details of the surgery, such as accessing the cataract cloud and removing it.

What Are The Side Effects Of Cataract Surgery?

Cataract surgery is a common procedure done throughout the world, and is incredibly safe. There are some possible side effects post-surgery. Most often patients may suffer from mild eye irritation or itching, in addition to some fluid discharge. For a short while your eyes will be sensitive to physical contact and light, so protecting your eyes from the sun or bright indoor lighting is paramount. If any serious conditions occur, such as bleeding, inflammation, double vision, etc., be sure to contact your doctor to get these issues evaluated and treated.

Clear the clouds and schedule cataract surgery today.