A Whole New World with Lasik Eye Surgery in New York, NY

Not everyone can be blessed with perfect eyesight. Indeed, those who are nearsighted or farsighted are forced to worry about fading prescriptions, unclear periphery vision, and losing or breaking their glasses or contact lenses. The troubles only grow from there, especially if you suffer from a more complicated malady like astigmatism or presbyopia. If you’re exhausted with dealing with glasses and/or contacts, it might be time to consider a more permanent fix. Lasik eye surgery is an elective refractive lens procedure capable of remedying your flawed vision, and the team at Dr. Mark Hornfeld’s office in New York, NY, are available to provide that service. Over 700,000 patients undergo Lasik surgery every year. With fewer side effects than ever before, now’s the time to leave behind the world of muddled vision and start seeing in a brand-new light.

How Does Lasik Eye Surgery Work?

Lasik eye surgery is a relatively simple procedure both for the patient and for the eye healthcare experts. Dr. Mark Hornfeld uses the most up-to-date technique, a high-precision femtosecond laser, to create a flap in the cornea in order to gain access to the stroma (inner section of the cornea). Using the laser, the doctor removes microscopic tissue and reshapes the stroma so that light will focus more precisely and improve overall vision quality. The procedure can remedy nearsightedness and farsightedness, as well as other common eye conditions like presbyopia or astigmatism. Anesthetic eye drops are used to prevent discomfort during the surgery, and no bandages or stitches are necessary afterwards. The most you might feel during the procedure is a slight pressure on each of your eyes as they’re worked on.

Although immediately after surgery patients often have blurriness and light sensitivity, over the course of a few days visual acuity will gradually improve. Your doctor will inform you of what exactly to expect and how best to take care of your eyes while they adjust to their new clarity.

What Is The Outcome Of Lasik Surgery?

Lasik technology and methods have significantly improved over the years, and in turn, so has the level of patient satisfaction. It’s important to note that, as with any other medical procedure, results will vary from person to person, and there’s always some amount of risk involved, no matter how small. Many patients end their treatment with 20/20 vision, though some only reach 20/40. It’s possible you’ll still need to wear glasses or contacts afterwards, however the prescription required will be much lower than before the surgery. Infection or night glare are possible side-effects in a small percentage of patients.

After a few weeks, the vast majority of patients are completely satisfied with their results. With a skilled, ophthalmologist on hand like Dr. Mark Hornfeld, who has 20-years of experience, you can be sure you’re getting the best treatment possible. He’ll also perform post-operative examinations to ensure everything is proceeding smoothly and all of your questions are answered.

Gain a new sense of perception and call us today for Lasik.